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In August 2020, the US Department of Defense created a specialized unit to study Unidentified Aerial Phenomena, the UAPTF.

This has attracted a lot of attention worldwide. Its believed that the US government have finally and “officially”accepted the fact that there are unidentified flying objects, ie UFOs. According to a statement issued on August 14, 2020, the mission is to detect, analyze and catalog the aerial phenomena that may pose a threat to national security.

The UFO phenomenon is not new, it is a debate that has taken place for a long time, in the 90s there was a lot of talk among public opinion, but it has been in recent months that the controversy has been growing in a worrying way, even reaching the higher layers of the US government.

A controversial debate between advocates of a policy of openness, among which there are senators and known senior members of the government, which they want it to be “declassified”, ie, disclosed the information and reports on sightings of UFO, and that that they defend a policy of secrecy instead. Statements, opinions and revelations both from politicians, former security agents, as well as NASA personnel, which seem to have no end.

The fact is that it requires a significant investment of money by the government, and for some this is something to consider and analyze before dedicating that money to these things. The irony is that it had already been done for a long time. Of course, in secret.

As we know the UFO phenomenon has been studied for many decades, it is known the fact that the US Army has investigated many cases of UFO phenomena since WWII, and even before. Between 1947 and 1969 (the year the investigation was officially said to have ended), the Air Force conducted an investigation into 12,000 alleged UFO sightings. In 1952, a secret investigation, called Project Blue Book, confirmed that most of the sightings were due to conventional planes, stars, clouds or spy planes, although 701 of the sightings remained without explanation.

We know from the controversial article published in The New York Times on December 16, 2017, that since 2007 there was an Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program, the AATIP, within the US Department of Defense.

Led by a military intelligence official, Luis Elizondo, it was conducted in total secrecy. A covert program that during those years was developed on the 5th floor of the C ring of the Pentagon, and that between 2008 and 2011 would have received about 22 million dollars of the 600 billion that the US Department of Defense received. According to the testimonies of Department of Defense officials, personnel who participated in the program, and various records to which The New York Times had access, during those years the AATIP investigated the reports of unidentified objects, evaluating the threat they could pose.


The funding went to Bigelow Aerospace, the company that developed the program. The research was developed on various parameters, among which, the physical and psychological effects of people who claimed to have been in contact with unidentified objects, investigation of the images, and analysis of the remains of materials and metals recovered in unidentified aerial phenomena, for which they had allocated some structures in the Las Vegas area, modified and hidden buildings, which served as warehouses and hidden laboratories where said investigations were guarded and carried out.

So we were finally able to confirm that the famous and secret ” Area 51 ” had always existed, but not only in the desert, but also inside the Pentagon.

The government had never before recognized the existence of this program, and this fact confirmed that the government accepted the possibility of the existence of extraterrestrial life. Or so it was interpreted by public opinion, enthusiastic as ever of the confirmation of the existence of extraterrestrial intelligent life. During the controversy erupted in 2007 after the publication of the article in The New York Times, Defense confirmed that the program had been closed five years ago in 2012. However, everything indicates that it has continued its study activity until today, integrating the investigations among other tasks within the Department of Defense, and that they only diverted the funding within the department. The news is that they have now made it official by calling it by another name, the UAPTF.

Luis Elizondo was the leader of the old secret program during those years. He presented his resignation on October 4, 2012 through a letter addressed to Defense Secretary James Mattis, in protest at what he defined as excessive secrecy and unjustified internal opposition to the program. In the letter he warned that “bureaucratic challenges and inflexible mentalities were an obstacle to taking anomalous aerospace threats seriously”, an opinion that he himself reiterated on other occasions during some interviews in some media.

Shortly after Luis Elizondo joined the To The Stars Academy foundation, a private initiative, not without controversy, founded they say that to “mobilize the brightest minds from within the shadows that aerospace, science and the department of defense”.

In other words, at To The Stars Academy, he does the same job he did before for Defense, but this time privately. Founded among others, by Christopher Karl Mellon, former US Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence, and later for Security and Information Operations, and also Tom DeLonge, guitarist for the Blink-182.

In 2019 Luis Elizondo premiered on the History channel, a television program called “Unidentified”, in which he exposes cases of ufo sightings, testimonies and images.

According to some rumors, the foundation and specifically Luis Elizondo could have continued to work secretly for the Pentagon and have had contacts with Intelligence, that is, with the CIA, controlling and dosing the information that is being declassified in relation to UFO cases, and thus be able to manage all the information that is reaching US ufologists and public opinion.

And therefore, all this public controversy would be one more strategy of the Pentagon to divert the attention of world governments from the true intentions and actions that the US government is carrying out in reference to its defense and national security.

What cannot be denied is that there is evident great concern within the US government when it comes to its security and global leadership. The fact that they have created committees concerned to demonstrate or link the phenomenon UFO with a serious and possible threat to the US government specifically at the end of the Trump’s government, shows this great concern.

In recent times they have been reports of more frequent sightings of nuclear power plants, military bases, areas where the army carried out maneuvers. Even the Defense Ministry has admitted that they are investigating this matter because they consider it a top priority.

Something has changed, that is undeniable, before the fact was not admitted, perhaps because it somehow meant losing power over world public opinion, and the trust of citizens. For a government that has always considered itself a world leader, to admit that something was beyond its control was to renounce its power and authority.

But there is something else. It cannot be denied that the cold war between the USA and other countries that also choose to be world leaders, such as China and Russia that theyhavealways wanted to ignore. In this regard, until now, the UFO phenomenon has served as a “perfect alibi”, to hidden information on weapons, military affairs and of course, espionage.

Each others trying to identify the technology the other possessed. Spying and knowing well in advance if other countries possess secret weapons or advanced technology that could be a threat to the nation itself and its sovereignty.

In recent years, “suspicious” sightings of unidentified aircraft or flying devices, with supposedly unknown advanced technology, over US territory have increased, and with them the concern of the government. Thus accepting that they have not been able to identify the origin or purpose of these ships. They speak of an unidentified threat, leaving open the possibility of speculating about extraterrestrial UFOs, but on the other hand it is clear that they are aware that it may be the already known foreign espionage.

Marco Rubio, senator for the state of Florida, chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, believes that perhaps some of the instructions could have been from a spy ship from another country.


Everything points to China and Russia, unfading rivals of the US, and suggests that the US fears that these nations may have obtained a technological leap that they are unaware of, or access to an unknown source of energy or unknown material. So the dissemination strategy ofthe existence of studies of UFO phenomena could respond to the fact of the suspicion that behind the UFO phenomenon has been, and is the hand of a foreign nation.

Christopeher Karl Mellon, along with some senators, already said that more resources had to be invested in the UFO phenomenon. He also commented that the government was not organized for this type of phenomenon. As if within the government, senators, politicians, officials, were doing their crusade each on their own. Think that there is no real interest in discovering what is behind these phenomena. He commented that an issue as important and serious as this should have an adequate budget and integrated into the government’s budget. Because it can represent a serious and real threat.

Transparency is what some high levels of government are asking for. On the other hand, secrecy is for others the best way to protect the interests of the state. The term with which this type of phenomenon is classified prevents us from keeping track of which government body is behind it. It is not determined which body is authorized to classify and study the cases. From the outside everything looks very confused and distorted, but maybe they know what they are doing.

Now we have to wait what position the new government of Joe Biden will take in reference to this program made official. No doubt the media pressure will ask for an opinion on what the Trump administration has left open.

Are we facing an extraterrestrial threat? Or are aerial sightings the result of foreign land espionage? The door to speculation is open and so is controversy.

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