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ToYou is a project designed to help improve the world around us. Our intention goes beyond a mere commercial objective, it is a careful project towards the person behind the User who visits our Website. Providing human value to our project is one of the premises on which our objective is based.

Our enthusiasm and passion to know current news, scientific and social curiosities, in short to know more about the behavior of man and the world around us has been and is a constant in our personality.

Our intention is to share and make known this knowledge through a closer, more human, more passionate and original vision.

The ToYou team is daily attentive to the interests of the public, searching for news, curiosities and relevant content. It tries to fulfill its informative and preferences needs offering a service of quality and current content. Recognizing in the User an intelligent person, who knows the information he wants and looks for his own personality in every detail of his life.

Our young, enterprising and dynamic project offers a prospective with great personality and criteria. A professional commitment with which we want to reach the world a quality work, useful and appreciated by the public. The quality of our experience in different parts of the world, guarantee our knowledge, our criteria and our ability to intuit the market trends and current news. For what we feel capable and optimistic to offer the best of us, the most current and interesting of the moment.

ToYou offers you a unique space where you can get information content from the editorial press, opinion and journalism. News and events of your interest that can enrich your day to day.

Innovation towards the latest news trends is the sign of ToYou‘s identity. We introduce constant news daily proposing content and news in areas as different as news and curiosities in science and technology, sporting events, topics of current interest, food and of course, culture and entertainment. This characteristic, together with the quality, guarantee and transparency commitments, allows satisfying the public with different tastes and preferences.

We invite you to discover with us informative content and current news, in a friendly, simple and unique space in which to share personalized experiences. We want to be part of your community, your closest environment, a reference for you and yours, where you can easily find information and news according to you and your way of life. At ToYou we are always present and in touch with you to offer you what interests you the most and the most active.

Recognition and Gratitude
The ToYou team thanks you for the trust you place on our website. Our goal is and always will be to offer you the best of us, a service that can enrich your life and the world around you, hoping that our work will bring well-being  to you and your loved ones. Your wishes and aspirations are a source of inspiration for us and are present in our daily effort to offer you the best information and the best topics of interest to you.
The ToYou team extends our most sincere esteem for the trust and contribution you give us every day and makes you want to correspond with our commitment and commitment to always offer you the best information on the most current and relevant news and content designed for you.

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We are at your disposal for any question, comment or suggestion, always open and attentive to you. Thanks to your valuable contribution and always appreciated, we can improve and acquire more efficiency and experience in our desire to offer you the best information content and the best news of trends for you

ToYou’s Editor Team

Content Manager: Sara Esteras

Email: toyou.international.ty@gmail.com

Chief Editor: Miriam Esteras

Email: chiefeditor.toyou@gmail.com

Technical Editor: Ainhoa Peña

Email: technicaleditor.toyou@gmail.com

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