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In ToYou we put in the first place people who, like you, wanted to share a few minutes of their time with us and enjoy our content. We hope it was like this, that you had fun and liked our website. 

Our attempt is to make a journalism and divulgation of interesting content, in a free way based on the truthfulness and quality of the information. In fact, we move away from deceptive and sensational advertisements and clickbait titles even knowing that this type of claim is more attractive and remunerative because it reaches more people, but to the detriment of the value and fidelity of the news. In ToYou we bet on the former, and therefore we feel to correspond with respect towards your intelligence and your time. 

“Se está normalizando la mentira y eso es traicionar el periodismo. Y además lo que hacen es explotar económicamente la parte más deplorable del ser humano (…) y os convierten en peores personas.” Pablo Motos periodista y presentador del programa “El Hormiguero”.

“The lie is normalizing and that is betraying journalism. And what they do is economically exploit the most deplorable part of the human being … and they make you worse people.” Pablo Motos, journalist and broadcasters of the program “El Hormiguero”.

We consider your satisfaction more important when reading an article of ours than mere economic benefit, even more if it does not provide anything of value in return. We do not want to disappoint you with false, incomplete or manipulated information for dishonest lucrative interests.

Your contribution will be a valuable and appreciated resource that will help us improve the ToYou website, an effective collaboration, which will also mean that you appreciate our work and our effort in wanting to provide quality journalism, and that you share the same values ​​of honesty and transparency.

We at ToYou always try to provide the best within the normal limitations of an unpaid job like this that we offer. The resources we provide to our website for maintenance, study, logistics and time spent are all purely personal resources. For which we are very grateful and sure that your contribution will make us grow and improve even more.


ToYou Staff

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