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A few days ago, Dubai announced that its police officers have already begun their training to ride the S3 2019 Hoverbikes motorcycles. It is anticipated that this urban police service will be active in the city of Dubai by the year 2020, according to the chief executive of the artificial intelligence department of the Dubai police.

They will be the pioneers in introducing this latest technology to the citizen. But this initiative in addition to creating great expectation, is creating many doubts about it.

Just a year ago, Dubai’s security force exhibited their latest acquisition, an Hoversurf Scorpion hovercraft at the Technology Week of Gitex in Dubai. On this occasion, they described the hoverbikes as a unit of fast intervention that would be used to access areas of difficult access.

Not everyone is convinced of the effectiveness and efficiency of these flying bikes or mini helicopters, which can also be piloted remotely as drones without the need of a pilot on board.

In addition to having a very expensive maintenance, they have important flight limitations that do not promise easy resolution. For example, they can only fly to a maximum height of 5 m and a maximum speed of 96 km / h and for a maximum duration from 10 to 25 minutes or 40 minutes mode drone, depending if carries a pilot aboard and atmospheric conditions. They also require a minimum full recharge time of about 150 minutes.

Of course, there are also concerns about the safety of both the pilot and the citizens. Security, as already communicated by the Dubai Police Department, is a priority. For which they are offering to guarantee it by optimizing the safety of propellers and other devices that could represent risks in this matter.

It is unclear in which way the Dubai police will use these flying bikes. If we will see them fly by overhead, to supervise the crowd, or they will be only for specific uses of immediate intervention.

As in any innovative futuristic technology, there are initial technical drawbacks that must be overcome and optimized. This however, does not decrease the value of this initiative that will surely give a boost to a more advanced society.

A curiosity about it

The Dubai police department incorporated its first robotic officer in May of this year.

Flying motorcycles are now available for everyone

These flying bikes or mini helicopters are not exclusive to the Dubai police. Hoverbikes can be purchased by amateur or curious civilians of this type of items. For an approximate value of $ 150,000 it can also be yours.

It does not require a specific license to ride the hoverbikes or floating motorcycles, however is necessary a short mandatory training course that include a special flight suit. The finalization of this course and the exam, will give you the suitability and competence necessary to drive this kind of flying vehicle.

The course lasts approximately 3 days with a specific professional instructor for this course, after which you will be evaluated.

Completing the course and passing the evaluation in minimum standards are required, without which the training to handle this type of vehicles can not be issued.

Scorpion 3 – S3 2019

This floating motorcycle is obviously a limited edition. It is produced by the Hoversurf company, California. Here we indicate the most relevant characteristics of this amazing and modern flying vehicle.

Carbon fiber structure

The frame is a single shell design created with advanced technological material in carbon fiber. The fact that the frame is in one piece provides greater rigidity to the structure. This also reduces its weight which allows to incorporate a battery of greater capacity.

The dimensions are optimal allowing the takeoff and landing of a standard parking. The weight is 114 kg, limited by law.

The safe flight altitude is 5 m above the ground. A device allows adjusting the limit to the pilot itself. The maximum speed is limited by law to 96 km / h.

The stability is improved by optimizing the space between the planks, which allows a regular and constant flight.

The ergonomic seat of the pilot is designed to provide greater comfort at any height and speed.

Safety above all

The latest generation flight computer has 3 security blocks, connected and separated by CAN bus with an independent processor for each unit.

It has an external control screen and a tuning system with a firmware model V.1085 updated and designed specifically for the Hoverbike S3.

An AT and AL automatic take-off and landing control system allows precise and safe maneuvering.

The control devices are anatomical with the option of adjusting adapted for a better driving. The covers are made of real leather and the management tools are adapted for the use of gloves.

This Scorpion 3 model includes a triple security system:

  • electronic for the emergency landing, sound and visual warning system, together with an anti-interference detector.

  • mechanical with a manual stop switch

  • passive, those that include zones for the contained deformation, enclosures of energy and constituent elements of protection for the pilot with reinforcements in carbon.

High-life battery

LiNiMnCoO2, Lithium and manganese nickel, a “hybrid” chemical that increases stability.

It combines the safety of manganese and the high energy of nickel. A great chemical innovation that provides a better and more constant discharge performance and current. Its great stability protects and keeps the circuits for longer.

It has a hybrid battery with a capacity of 12.3 kWh, which allows it to fly up to 40 minutes in remote-controlled drone mode and up to 10-25 minutes with a pilot, depending on the weight and weather conditions.

An interesting add-on is provided by a portable quick recharge package that gets the full recharge in just 2.5 hours without needing to remove the batteries.

State-of-the-art motors

The powerful motors of increased power to 33 kW each allow an optimal driving response. It also has a passive cooling system integrated in the frame, which uses the difference that exists in the air pressure above and below the propellers.

The innovative 3-blade carbon propellers are 10% quieter than double-bladed propellers, with a diameter of less than 5 cm, providing a total thrust force of 364 kg.

Technical information courtesy of Hoversurf.

Fly is never been so easy

No doubt fly with the hoverbike Scorpion 3 is and will be a way of spectacular entertainment and great originality.

Spending your free time flying over a Scorpion 3 will be the ultimate and the most innovative for the year 2019. A valiant gift for this Christmas, for those who like strong emotions and a good surge of adrenaline, of course, for who can afford it. High technology avant-garde designed for you and that can be yours from this moment if you want.


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