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If you think you’re shy with women, or you just don’t know how to flirt , don’t worry, it’s something very normal that happens to all of us. That is why we have thought that a few tricks will be very useful when it comes to make a woman fall in love with you.

If you have already managed to have a date with a girl, you are already amazing! Sometimes it is not so easy to approach a girl you like and make the conversation going enough to make possible a second date. If so, congratulations! You already have a lot in your favor. Now what you have to do is that your first date does not become the only one.


flir love falling romantic GUIDE TO FLIRT: HOW TO WIN A WOMAN’S HEART

First dates are usually very exciting. Obviously, because you will have the opportunity to get to know that girl that you like initially. But what makes us more nervous and what worries us the most is thinking about the impression we will give .

In this first date and in the following ones (we hope), you will have the opportunity mainly to know two things: to know if she likes you and to know if you like her .

Of course, you don’t just have to like it, keep in mind that you should also meet the girl to determine if you really like her, or it has only been a first sight impression.

On the other hand, the fact that she rejects you even on the first date says nothing, at least nothing bad about you. Simply because of her inner motivations, her personality or current emotional situation, she has thought that at that time you are not their type. But nothing happens, it is something very normal . What you have to do is take it as a training, where a failure prepares you better for the next victory.


flir love falling romantic  GUIDE TO FLIRT: HOW TO WIN A WOMAN’S HEART

One of the fundamental things when it comes to falling in love with a woman is to show self-confidence . You will say that we have already started badly, because in this matter, you are not familiar at all. Right? Don’t worry. It happens to all of us.

But it may be the most important thing, women often give a lot of importance to a man being confident. Therefore it is something we must work on.

The best way to be sure is to be yourself . When you behave as you usually do, you are comfortable with yourself; you do not pretend to be someone else and therefore you are sure of yourself.

Do not worry if you think you are not going to be liked, even if it seems contradictory to the goal we have set for ourselves, the main thing is not to achieve the conquest, but that you like being yourself around people. If all the girls don’t like you, it doesn’t matter, the important thing is to like to one. At least for now!

But if to find her you have to look a little more around you, nothing happens. Enjoy the experiences and do not get overwhelmed, you will see that every moment is always an opportunity to enrich your life!

Take it as a training but always with honesty, not with superficiality and frivolousness. Is different. You will see when you meet the person who goes with you, that honesty that you have deposited from the beginning will make your relationship have the necessary bases to continue successfully.



And how is that achieved? You may ask. You don’t even think you have it, much less knowing how to show it. Well, unlike what some people believe, it is not being aggressive or too impetuous or jealous. I assure you that does not make a woman fall in love. On the contrary, that shows insecurity and desire for possession, things that women hate.

Self-confidence is born of your self-esteem , that is, of the value you give to your opinions and beliefs . It’s that simple. If you sufficiently value your skills, your thoughts and your qualities with an honest and objective criterion, you will surely show a great personality and self-confidence . But you should not be presumptuous or pedantic, because women do not like that either.


flir love falling romantic GUIDE TO FLIRT: HOW TO WIN A WOMAN’S HEART

It has to do with self-esteem, do not be afraid to show your opinions or thoughts about something, I assure you that the girl will value your independent mentality more than the opinion itself about something, even if it is contrary to her.

To display your opinion independently, without external influences, is a powerful thing that catches the eye of any woman. Of course, do not do it without consistency or criterion, motivate your opinion with a valid and respectful argument . Although it is very particular, do not be afraid to show your personality with simplicity and determination .

Remember that if you notice that by your appearance, your condition, ways of confronting or diversity of opinion, you realize that she seems not interested, do not worry, maybe it is time that you also value the possibility of looking for a girl to which she likes you for being yourself . Don’t you think?

Keep in mind that there are also very superficial women who quickly discard anyone who does not meet their expectations. That does not mean anything. It will be time to select better what your future conquest may be and not only look at the physical aspect, for example.


flir love falling romantic flower red GUIDE TO FLIRT: HOW TO WIN A WOMAN’S HEART

One of the things that women want is to feel special and unique . It is precisely what you have to get, at least during the moments you are with her.

When you meet a girl, you have to turn your attention to her , and only to her. If you start looking at the phone to see what your friends say on WhatsApp, I assure you that the girl’s interest in you will decrease.


flir love falling romantic GUIDE TO FLIRT: HOW TO WIN A WOMAN’S HEART

Eye contact from the first moment of the meeting is essential. Your eyes should look directly at theirs, focused on greeting with all your attention . It does not mean that you should always look her in the eye, this will seem a bit odd and you will make her uncomfortable. While you speak and during the duration of the encounter, try to maintain frequent and natural eye contact , but without excesses.


flir love falling romantic smile GUIDE TO FLIRT: HOW TO WIN A WOMAN’S HEART

Smiling is natural , but sometimes it may seem forced if we are nervous . To prevent this from happening, think about how much you’re glad to see her and be in their company, just that. Be honest with your emotions and show them naturally , it is the best way to feel comfortable and show the best of you.


flir love falling romantic contact GUIDE TO FLIRT: HOW TO WIN A WOMAN’S HEART

Touch her as soon as possible. If you take the time of the initial greeting better. Do not limit yourself to the classic two distant kisses on the cheeks, come closer and touch her forearms gently but let your intention be noticed.

Take your time and look into her eyes while you smile at her, it is essential. If this is the case, you will see that, it depends on the availability of the girl’s response, at the same time lower your hands touching hers . Do it in a delicate and respectful way, not invasive or forced . She must want it. You will realize if it is.

If you manage to do this with enough naturalness, spontaneity and security, I assure you that you will have earned her interest from the beginning.

This technique is even more effective if it is the first time you meet a girl. Keep in mind that in the first 3 seconds a person determines whether she/he likes someone or not. Touch her, but with respect, for example in the hands if it is to conquer her, it will create a more intimate link of complicity that helps a lot to connect with a person.

flir love falling romantic contact GUIDE TO FLIRT: HOW TO WIN A WOMAN’S HEART

Throughout the encounter try to have some other “casual” physical contact . It’s not about “palpating” the girl, now that doesn’t matter. You should make her feel good , that she is comfortable and safe with you . A slight friction with the body is enough and even better if it is a contact with the hands.


flir love falling romantic kiss GUIDE TO FLIRT: HOW TO WIN A WOMAN’S HEART

The best is something about her in particular. Something that stands out or that catches your attention at that time. You should try to be natural and spontaneous , if you like her eyes, tell her. Something about her appearance is perfect. Try to intuit what she would like to hear and if you believe it too, say it naturally.

Try to be authentic, do not use “cliche” phrases , which denote lack of interest and attention. Of course the comment should say something nice about her, obviously. You must make her feel beautiful and unique , even if objectively it is not. It must be for you at that time, it is the best way to make her feel it. All your attention should focus on making her feel unique and especially lovely.


flir love falling romantic education car GUIDE TO FLIRT: HOW TO WIN A WOMAN’S HEART

It’s not about starting to have manners of a “player,” but having some attention and taking care of some polite ways of behaving really works .

Obviously the reason of it is that a woman likes to be treated and cared for as she deserves. Of course, this depends on each woman, because many are very independent, so excessive attention can bother them . Observe her reactions, so you will notice if she is a woman who likes to be treated in everything or is more independent. But one detail , like letting her go through the door first is something that any woman will appreciate, I assure you.

Regarding this topic of education, men often justify their lack of education and attention to women , for absurd reasons of equality or similar things. According to them, does opening the door and letting a girl go first, smiling at her, diminishes them in some way? I assure you it is the opposite. Far from diminishing you, it will make you more valuable and attractive . It will make you fascinating.

I can understand the issue of equality, but this has nothing to do with it. It is a matter of mere education. Making a woman feel good , even with no intention of conquering her, giving her a gesture of attention and courtesy , not only it’s a great thing for her as a person, but it does you good as well.

If you do it with the awareness of wanting to do good to others because you want to, you will increase your self-esteem and self-confidence . Obviously being polite and attentive to others will make you a better person and that is an added value that should not be underestimated.

If we want to see it for its usefulness in the conquest , I assure you that having a gallant attitude usually increases the chances of success in your conquests. The gallantry increases your value, your reputation and your image as a man of success who knows how to treat and knows how to make women feel good. It is not a small thing.

I advise you to be gallant not only with the particular woman that interests you, you must be in general with everyone, if not you will enter into contradiction and incoherence. But do it in different measure . Here you must be very attentive. This is a double-edged tool and if you are not an expert in handling, you can cut yourself.

Your girl should always be the first and only one specially courted. Do not forget! and with the others, friends and others, you should only be polite . And it should be explicitly noted . Some women may be very jealous and insecure and do not appreciate this way of behaving, but if yours understands and has sufficient emotional independence, they will even appreciate and greatly the fact that you are courteous to everyone.

If you manage to achieve this, for your next conquests, you will have a positive reputation that will precede you . As in everything you should practice, getting started in this art will be challenging, especially at the beginning, but also entertaining.

bus pblic

Have you ever gone on public transport? It is a nightmare to enter, everyone wants to be the first to find a place. Obviously you must also enter and you don’t have to always be the last one and stay without a seat, because “you want to be polite” with all the girls. It’s not about that.

It is about having a polite attitude and if it is the case, from time to time, nothing happens if you give the step or even the seat to a girl, simply for the pleasure of making a nice gesture to someone . I assure you that the smile she will give you will be worth it, but above all you will feel the power you have over others to modify their feelings and beliefs about you! Try it, and you will realize what I am saying! Of course, you may have to be somewhat uncomfortable for the rest of the way if you can’t find another free seat. It is the price you have to paid.

You don’t have to do it every time you see a woman, select and learn when it’s time and the circumstance conducive to making a courtesy . Practice first with the women you have nearby, with your mother and your sister, why not? Your encounters with your classmates or workmates can also become moments to train you in polite ways . You will see that you will begin to have polite habits and it will be easier and more natural to do it with strangers .


Sometimes men in the first stage tend to be too hasty . They have a hard time getting into play and want to move quickly to get results .

For this reason they usually rush to have a “catch” too invasive and sticky .

To get a woman’s attention you have to convince her that you are her best option . That will be your challenge, really. By limiting her with excessive attention that she does not willingly accept , you will increase her irritation and with no doubt she will move away from you.

flir love falling romantic GUIDE TO FLIRT: HOW TO WIN A WOMAN’S HEART

Nor is control over their activities and time something that a woman especially likes. It is one thing to show interest in her hobbies, tastes and efforts that she has wanted to show you, in a moderate and respectful way , and another very different thing is to want to know all the movements she does during the day.

You must absolutely respect their privacy and their time . To the extent she wants, she will share her activities and commitments with you.


What you have to get is that she is interested in you , for this she shows attention and interest about what she wants to show you with a clear margin of respect, as we have said, do not invade her “privacy”. But at the same time show yourself independent too , it shows that you have a life full of interests outside of that context .

flir love falling romantic GUIDE TO FLIRT: HOW TO WIN A WOMAN’S HEART

In this way you will arouse interest in yourself, she will want to know you better and little by little she will be interested in being part of your interests and your life as well.

In the same way do not show yourself “completely” available at all times and occasions , show your interest in her company by choosing moments that do not take away from your personal interests. However, when you are in her company, pay attention not to put other interests before her , if they are not urgent, obviously. For example, if a friend calls you in the presence of her, you can attend to it, but you tell him that at that time you are with someone and ask him if he would not mind if you called later or at another time. This gesture, in addition to demonstrating that you have a personal life to attend to, will show that your interest in her is real and important and will make her feel very good. A point in your favor.



On the first date it is important to bring a small gift . It does not need to be a great gift, much less expensive, but to give a woman a small gift , a nice detail is a perfect way to start your conquest.

If you do not know their tastes yet, as it would be normal to be in the first date, it is best to opt for a simple but beautiful flower . Do not complicate your life. A classic white or red rose will be perfect.

Some recommend more personal things like a bracelet or earrings. I do not, absolutely not. You still don’t know her tastes and risk giving her something she doesn’t like would not be a good start . You can also bother her, because she must be grateful, but what if she doesn’t really like it? She doesn’t have to like it forcefully. Although she appreciate the gesture, you will have been too pretentious to have anticipated her tastes without knowing it .

A flower although it seems typical, I assure you it is the most appropriate, especially when you still do not know the girl .

flower white romantic GUIDE TO FLIRT: HOW TO WIN A WOMAN’S HEART

Women always like it because they feel identified with the beauty and delicacy of the flower, and touching something natural and alive awakens the most emotional senses of women, so your attempt to conquer it will be more persuasive .

If by case you know her tastes because you have friends in common, for example, and they have told you, then adapt your choice to her liking . For example if you know that she especially likes sunflowers, then you give her a sunflower.

I recommend that you give only one flower , not two or three or more. A single, that is beautiful and of quality, long, without spines obviously and well decorated with taste, with a simple bow can be enough, but that looks of quality and style .

This small presentation detail will make her feel very good, special and unique , becoming a step towards your conquest. It will also be printed in her memory and you will make sure that in the following days she will think of you positively .


Later when the relationship picks up its rhythm, get used to giving small details that you know she may like . They should not be expensive, but especially designed for her , a small detail is enough, but if you are right in her interest and taste, it will be a success.

In addition, these gifts will be present in her environment and will make her remember you whenever she see them. Think about whether she have talked about a video game that she especially likes, for example MassEffect, a cap, a bag, a key ring or a patch of this video game costs less than € 10.

Also a small spontaneous gift at the time, women also like it a lot. An object that you see in a shop window that attract her interest. Enter that moment and give that detail to her, you will look great.

The fact that you understand and are interested in knowing her is the best way to conquer it .



Obviously you do not know each other yet in privacy, so it is time to show your best side in relation to the physical. Even if you are not too physically graceful, I assure you that you can improve .

Without talking about all these gym hours that we all should have done, we must be more than presentable on the day of the date.


haircut man yourself

Getting the right haircut is essential , depending on your personality, look for a cut that suits you with your physiognomy and the type of hair you have.

If you do not understand well about hairstyles or you are not sure what your style is, let yourself be advised by someone who has a good criterion on this topic , not from that friend who has no idea, that by following fashion, cuts his hair in the most inappropriate possible.

Sure you will find a modern hairstyle that goes with your face and at the same time reflects your personality and style .


hygiene man water

I should not have to say it, but according to statistics, especially among young people, the sense of hygiene is still quite unknown, particularly with regard to dental hygiene . But when are we going to start, buddy! One of the most desired moments when you date a woman, is it when you are going to kiss her on the mouth , or not?

And you intend to kiss her with a mouth full of tartar and decay? So what about you, kid?

hygiene dental

Having proper dental hygiene is essential , for the girl, but mainly for yourself. It would even be better to avoid tobacco, I assure you that it does not bring anything beneficial to either of you.

hygiene hands man

The women pay close attention to hygiene of the mouth of a man, as I say, but also to the hands , especially the nails . Although you have no little delicate because you do manual work, for example, it is not an excuse to have your hands and nails taken care of at least as far as hygiene is concerned.



For your first meeting, dress in a simple but elegant way , just enough to show that you know how to be suitable every time . It seems easy, but some people do not yet understand the sense of taste and style, and come with some questionable outfits… but the worst thing is that they think they are elegant.

Do not overdo it with too flashy or particular suits or accessories .


You don’t need to get attention like a peacock, because you can fall into ridicule. Listen to me, I know girls who have been “ashamed” of how their friends were going for wanting to “exaggerate in elegance.”

Show your personal style but avoid being presumptuous and excessive.

A complete dark suit always fit everyone, for some reason it is the quintessential symbol of a man’s elegance and style .

But also without going too far, we can find a suitable outfit, it is enough to combine clothing and accessories well . For example, a dark shirt , (of the right size , please, that is not too big), simple but of quality is perfect for an occasion of the type. Preferably without a tie. Although it do not go out of style, sometimes it’s too formal and take away naturalness if you are not used to wearing it . If you want to wear it anyway, choose a suitable one, that goes well with the style and color of the shirt, it is important.

man elegant  shoes

Suitable shoes and socks, please do not wear sports socks with dress shoes.

The accessories are also important, a good watch or a belt particularly show your personality.


perfume man

Yes, had you forgotten? Well, do not even think about going to your date without a few drops of your favorite perfume on top. Perfectly complete the whole set of your person . Please be a quality perfume , not a cheap one from your grandfather. There are many, choose one that goes with your personality and taste .


flir love falling romantic kiss GUIDE TO FLIRT: HOW TO WIN A WOMAN’S HEART

You are now ready to meet your future partner. Show yourself natural and calm, don’t be afraid of what she might think of you, because have you thought she might like you ? That is also a probability, do not forget . Anyway, enjoy that moment equally, have fun and good luck friend!


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