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“Being vegan” is fashionable. However, it is not a diet only, it is a lifestyle that requires a change of mindset, not always well tolerated in a society with strict food traditions.

Although there are also many who do share the renowned benefits of the vegan diet. Anyway, it will be ours the decision to consider a vegan lifestyle .

But for this decision to be made with responsibility and conscience , it is convenient for you to know and being informed about everything related to this interesting argument that goes beyond the mere fact of making a healthy and ecological diet.

dieta vegana BEING VEGAN

In the next articles of ToYou, we will inform you about everything related to the way of living in vegan way, what is your natural diet, your approach to healthy living and respectful of nature and your diet, the pros and cons, medical opinions professionals, its comparison with other natural regimes, such as the vegetarian and organic diet known as “bio” that is committed to a healthy diet without artificial chemical additives, we will also discuss the argument in defense of animal rights, its principles, in which it consists animal exploitation, we will know the illegal trade of animals and the interests that lie behind, and much more.



The term known as “vegan” was used for the first time around 1944. The co-founder of the Vegan Society, Donald Watson, devised this term to assign it to the meaning of Vegatarian-non-dairy . 

Actually, in 1951, English society extended its meaning to the term lifestyle without animal exploitation .

So initially the veganism had a clear intention in defense and protection of animals. In fact, the movement for began and became generalized through this lifestyle.

 This part animal rights icular way of living adopted measures that responded mainly to the environmental concerns of their followers, such as agricultural techniques and production of food in a natural way, with the limited use of antibiotics and respecting the rights of animals

caballos en naturaleza

The healthy and respectful lifestyle with the environment became synonymous with being vegan.

In the last decade, being a vegan has become more popular.  The term vegan was understood more and more and its general acceptance was not long in coming.

Today there are vegan products, generally food specially made to respect the vegan lifestyle. And more recently local markets, large stores and restaurants have included this option to respond to this greater trend currently present and that is expected to continue with great push in the next years.


Being vegan, goes beyond the simple fact of following a diet. It is a lifestyle.

que es vegano BEING VEGAN

It is a rational commitment with which we acquire awareness and responsibility for the products of animal origin that we use.

 A way of life in which you agree not to consume or use animal products of any kind, including cosmetics, cleaning products or chemicals. In respect of the animals and the nature where they live.

As you can guess from what we said earlier, the decision to be a vegan can not be taken lightly. Especially without previously having being well informed, analyzed the pros and cons and valued this important decision that can change your life and that of those around you.

That is why in ToYou in the next articles we will inform you more in detail about everything you need to know about this topic of diet, its benefits and contraindications. In such a way that you obtain enough criteria to determine if it suits you or not to make this decision. The election as always it’s yours.


Carrying a vegan lifestyle is a decision that requires commitment, needs effort and supposes a resignation in many everyday aspects that not all people are willing to do.

Effectively requires a clear and determined awareness to face the difficulties involved in following this type of vegan life.

As we have already said, veganism is based on a philosophy that respects the environment and in particular animals.

It is therefore a way of thinking and perceiving the environment that surrounds us with a broad sense of responsibility and consideration towards the natural world that we share with them.

Therefore, it is not a new morality, but one already installed in our consciousness and our society, that of mutual respect between the species that occupy the Earth and respect for Mother Nature.

However, man, as a species, as we have seen for centuries, finds it difficult to renounce certain privileges that animal exploitation has always provided him. 

In fact, this has allowed him a superior advantage in a limited world of resources. Furthermore, this abuse has not only been suffered by the animal world, but also by the natural reserves of the entire biosphere.

The competition made social supremacy, has driven nations to abuse and deplete in some cases, the energy reserves that society today sustains, causing irreversible and dramatic changes in climate and biosphere.

Species of extinct animals, unpredictable environmental changes and the depletion of energy resources are causing a global risk, in the already exposed and fragile natural balance of the world in which we live. 

It is up to us to protect it or leave it to the certainty of an unprecedented drastic and precocious end.

Vegan morality, as we have seen, takes into account the natural world in relation to its dignity

cambio ambiental

That is, consider the value of animals and nature as their own, without any other species having the right to take away life and welfare that belongs to it.

This concept is part of the principle of vegan ethics, as it is also part of the ethics of all human beings. The only difference we would find in the coherence of the facts in themselves.

 In the vegan lifestyle, this principle is reflected in their willingness to follow behavior in accordance with this principle.

Human morality reminds us of not physically or psychologically damaging another human being, except to protect our lives, as well as to value the interests among us in terms of priority needs for survival.

In vegan ethics these considerations also extend to other animals and nature itself.

In addition, we have to clearly note that in this sense of protection all fauna is included, without distinction. Not only those considered domestic or pets, but absolutely all. 

Hence the greatness of this ethical thought . Do not allow the suffering of any living being and do so in a way that they live the freedom and well-being. 

But, the fact of being consistent with this thought, foresees some renunciations not only in the routine scope but in the form of our diet, which we have to seriously consider.


It is important that we understand that a drastic change in diet can have consequences

Good and not so good. This change not only affects the external personal habits, but also affects, and much, the balance of the internal nutrient system of our human organism.

That is to say, our organism is human. Which means that it is used to feed on meat and its derivatives.

 From its origin, man has developed the nutritional mechanism based on meat . The nutrients he needed and in abundance, given his high motory activity, made it necessary an extraordinary contribution of proteins and fats provided by the meat and its derivatives. That is why for centuries man has adapted genetically to the intake of meat.


It is true that now, in our time, the general quality of life allows a lower intake of calories, except obviously in particular cases such as sportsmen or people who develop manual jobs that require great expenditure of physical energy. 

But in regard to the general population, this extra contribution of calories and fats is no longer necessary.

 On the contrary, a diet low in sugars and fats is recommended, according to our health, age and physical activity.

For obvious reasons, a drastic change in our diet, not only causes an imbalance in our body, but it may not adapt well and cause disturbances sometimes important in our health.


productos veganos BEING VEGAN

The ordinary nutritional system is based on a diet in which both cereals and vegetables and products of animal origin predominate.

 The absolute elimination of foods of animal origin inevitably leads to decompensation.

That is why it is essential that we understand what changes will cause a vegan diet in our body.

 Some will be very positive and others not so much.

Before making this important decision, we must consider and think these changes. Value responsibly and realistically if we are willing to accept these possible consequences some not so positive.

If after considering all the possible advantages and disadvantages we are willing to accept them for a good that we consider to be greater, that is, for the principles that govern a vegan life, in defense and protection of animals, then we will be prepared for this great step.

Click here to Part 2 “What is the vegan diet”

In the next articles we will expand the vegan theme, we will indicate the qualities of their diet, the pros and cons, we will make comparisons with other regimes also healthy and natural, such as vegetarian or organic food popularly known as “bio”, which is committed to the consumption of products without artificial chemical additives, among others. We will also consult medical opinions, and we will deal more extensively with the argument in defense of animals, their foundations and related issues such as animal abuse, exploitation and the illegal trade of animals behind, among others. All this to have you well informed on this topic of current interest and trend.


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